Okay, so this will be blog-post “numero uno”. As far as posts go, this one will undoubtedly be as boring as watching a very bland non-brand name kettle boil. So why do I even make the effort? Probably because I have no life and even attempting pithy comments at this time is a bit too much for me.  Its either this or watching Highlander re-runs. I’ll be honest, Highlander re-runs were winning a while ago.I mean, come on! HighlanderHandsome guys brandishing swords and speaking in lovely accents? What’s not to love? Stay tuned for what I’m sure will be kazillions of comments about Highlanders, kilts, swords, movies and books, books and more books…. 

Adrian Paul - HighlanderI’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes “Blow yer pipe and beat yer drum, the best of life is yet to come”